NACM Membership Provides Important Benefits to Perfection Chain


NACM, the National Association of Chain Manufacturers, was started in 1933 and has represented domestic chain manufacturers ever since. The NACM works with chain manufacturers to determine product specifications including the application each chain type may be used in, as well as establish safe working load limits, dimensional tolerances, and materials that may be used. The association also sets the standards for material, mechanical properties, sample selection, and testing methods.

NACM is a valuable tool to understand chain industry terms and how to interpret specifications. As an example, the acronym “WLL” represents “Working Load Limit” and the NACM website explains the definition and shows how the load is calculated. The website also provides insight into wire and chain tolerancing.

National Association of Chain Manfacturers

As stated on the NACM website, “As one of the USA’s oldest industrial trade associations, NACM provides specifications to a wide array of other American industries. NACM opened and continuously maintained a dialog with the Association for Testing and Materials (now ASTM International) in Pennsylvania and with the Society of Automobile Engineers (now SAE International) in Michigan. Following the lead of ASTM, a voluntary consensus practice was adopted to review and/or revise all NACM specifications at intervals of five years or sooner. This practice permits recognition of advances in technology which tend to grow outward from sole-source innovations into multi-source products.”

The NACM model specifications are recognized by several state and local governments and mentioned, cited, or adopted by groups including the following:

  • American Association of Railroad (AAR)
  • American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI)
  • Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF)
  • National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM)

NACM member firms are defined as companies that have been manufacturing chain in the United States for at least two years. Most of the members have been in business for more than eight decades and several have been manufacturing chain for more than a century.

Perfection Chain Products takes pride in everything we do, including partnering with some of the highest regarded industry associations. We only use the highest quality raw materials, and our manufacturing process has been designed and refined to ensure all of our products are dependable, durable, and long-lasting.

As a member of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers, we manufacture according to industry standards in compliance with applicable ASTM and federal specifications.

Our customers can trust in our product quality – and so can the National Association of Chain Manufacturers.

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