Tailored Options to Fit Your Needs


Branded Labeling & Packaging

Custom labels allow quick pick-and-pack while promoting your company with custom labeling.

Flexible Shipping Options

We have several shipping options available including rush shipping, coordinated shipping, pre-pay and add.

Short Lead Times

In-house manufacturing & plating and large inventories of product equal shorter lead times.


Our system allows real-time orders and information to be sent directly to our warehouse. Any in-stock product can be shipped same-day, for all orders entered before 12pm Central Time.

We encourage our customers to work with us in establishing a purchase agreement based on total product-level forecasts. Since we are dedicated to keeping the products you need in stock, we can hold the minimum required inventory at our warehouse. We can then pull and ship items immediately when they are ordered to best meet your needs. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone!


Made-to-order pack sizes simplify material handling and inventory control and fit within your storage space restrictions.

Packaging Options

Poly Bag


Stylette Reel

Plastic Pail


Pallet Box

*Master Packs, Private Brand Labeling and Custom Kits are also available.

Standard packaging is available for all products. Cartons and reels are usually palletized and stretch-wrapped. In some cases, cartons and reels are double packaged in “Master Packs” for extra protection against damage during transit. Longer, continuous lengths and cut lengths are packed in bulk in drums or pallet boxes.