Custom Products Equal Labor Savings


Perfection Chain can provide custom length product through machine or manual cutting. If your company requires a specific length product to hang lights, signage or any other application, please contact us with your requirements.


Perfection chain can provide multiple component kits—either in bags or boxes—per your requirement. For those who desire a package of chain and hardware for inclusion with their end product, please send us the information and allow us to give you a quote.


Perfection Chain has an entire department dedicated to producing chain related custom assemblies. Perfection Chain will cut chain to your length specifications to be supplied in bulk or individual packages. Customers may also specify the addition of rings, hooks, clips or any other accessories required for hanging signs, display pieces or whatever you need.


With our state-of-the-art CNC machinery, our Custom Wire Form capabilities are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking for complex, unique or straightforward wire shapes, our machinery can handle both low and high-volume orders.


Using our four-slide stamping machinery, Perfection Chain can produce custom hooks from a 0.062″ to 0.375″ wire diameter out of a variety of materials including low carbon steel, stainless steel, and solid brass. We provide the option of an open or closed-end per customer specification.