Chain and the Fastener Industry

chain for fastener

See why chain is considered a fastener and learn how it fits in the fastener industry.

You may be wondering how and why chain is considered a fastener. After all, it doesn’t have threads and is only listed as “other type of fastener.” Almost every time chain is used in an application, it is used to fasten one object to another.

So how do our chain products at PCP relate to the fastener industry? Glad you asked. Chain must have a connection point because it cannot fasten itself. Therefore, a rivet, a U-bolt, a threaded bolt, eye bolt, etc., are often used as the connection source. And that’s why PCP often partners with fastener distributors. Because where there’s a chain, there’s usually a fastener to attach it.

We want fastener distributors to know that from aerospace to agriculture, mining to electrical, our chain is used in various industries. That’s why Perfection Chain enjoys working with fastener distributors!

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