Chain Working Load Limits

chain working load limits

Working Load Limits

Knowing the chain Working Load Limits for a specific application is always essential. The term Working Load Limit (WLL) refers to the maximum amount of tension that can be applied to a new and undamaged chain. It is a rated capacity and often referred to in pounds.

Working Load Limit is calculated by dividing the minimum breaking strength of the chain by the assigned safety factor rating. The grade and diameter of the chain is also used to determine the working load limit.

Usage, wear, twists, overloading, corrosion, alteration, and misuse all affect the working load limit of any chain. To ensure the chain is safe for continued use, it should be regularly inspected.

Most chain products on the Perfection Chain website will list the maximum working load limit for each size. For example, ¼” Transport Grade 70 chain has a max working load limit of 3,150 lbs.

For questions concerning the working load limits of any of our chain, please contact any of our knowledgeable sales team here at Perfection Chain Products.

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