Providing Quick Turnaround with
Multiple Plating Options


Perfection Chain Products manufactures and plates a variety of chain products in one location, saving you costs and providing shorter lead times.

The majority of our plating is done in-house, including clear zinc, yellow chromate, black chromate, copper dip, and stainless steel passivation. We utilize both a continuous plating line and a barrel line for the application of zinc plating and chromate.

The continuous line is a proprietary method which allows us to plate five strands of chain simultaneously. Additionally, we have a smaller, continuous line to process the black chromate and yellow chromate, as well as the copper dip process.

Our stainless-steel passivation is nitric acid based per AMS 2700, Type 6. For plating requirements beyond our internal capabilities, we have qualified sources to perform this task.

We take pride in our environmentally friendly practices. We have a closed-loop waste treatment process which allows us to re-use most of the water required in the plating process, and we do not discharge anything into a sewer.


Our new barrel plating line is an extremely efficient and cost-effective method for plating products such as S-Hooks, cut to length chain and chain assemblies. The barrel line process utilizes the same process steps as the continuous line to apply the zinc plating and chromates.

Benefits of Barrel Plating

  • Enables large volumes of product to be plated simultaneously, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Barrel Plating handles a variety of¬†product configurations, so there is no need for additional equipment.¬† Anything that can fit into the barrel can be plated.
  • Our barrels use a cone and strip construction as opposed to a dangler process (most common process in the industry) which dramatically reduces tangling and provides a more uniform finish for the products that we plate.


(Left to right) Damian, Chris and Brandon recently implemented a new barrel plating line at our plant, which was a major project. They were relentless in their pursuit of perfection and it now shows in the high quality of plating the customers receive. They work cohesively as a true team and all row the boat in perfect timing!