Custom Engineered Assemblies

Perfection Chain Products manufactures a broad range of welded chain, weldless, and cable assemblies for industries that need a custom solution for their application. PCP also offers custom S-Hooks and Wire Forms to meet specific needs.

With a dedicated assembly department and quality engineering staff, we can meet your design needs from prototype to volume production. We strive to help our partners achieve lower labor costs and improve efficiencies with on-time deliveries.

Contact us today and let us help design and price your custom assembly needs.

Custom Assemblies from Perfection Chain Products

Perfection Chain has an entire department dedicated to producing chain related custom assemblies. Perfection Chain will cut chain to your length specifications to be supplied in bulk or individual packages. Customers may specify the addition of rings, hooks, clips, or other accessories required for hanging signs, display pieces, or whatever you need.

Stocked Assemblies

Porch Swing Kits

Porch Swing Kits

Tie-Out Runner Chain

Tie Out Chains