Case Study

Case Study: Steel Distributor

Armstrong / Alar is a highly successful steel distributor located in Illinois, specializing in industrial chain products, wire rope and accessories.



“Perfection Chain Products has helped us become a leader in our industry and we always look to them for new ideas and products that will keep us ahead of the curve.”

– Armstrong / Alar


Armstrong/Alar is a highly successful steel distributor located in Illinois. Armstrong specializes in industrial chains, welded and weldless chain, ball or beaded chains, galvanized aircraft cables, wire rope, floating polypropylene rope and related attachments. They also have fabrication and powder coating capabilities.


Armstrong/Alar needed a chain manufacturing partner to help them increase product variety and ensure high-quality product as well as bring in new products to their long line of chain and chain accessories.


Perfection Chain Products was able to help Armstrong/Alar in a variety of ways to position them as a leader in chain distribution. With Perfection Chain’s short lead times, high-quality product and product development capabilities, Armstrong was able to introduce new products to their customers and meet demanding timelines. For example, Armstrong/Alar needed new product options for their customers, including wire rope. Perfection Chain was able to meet their demands and get them this new product in less than 3 months.


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