Jerry Roscoe

Midwest Sales Manager

Jerry Roscoe, Sales Manager for the Northeast and Midwest, has been in the chain industry for fifty years. He started with a predecessor, Turner & Seymour, and joined Perfection Chain Products in 2012. His career began in an era of Dictaphones and Selectric typewriters, moved through a time of fax machines, to personal computers and smart phones, from unfolding city maps, asking directions at gas stations and using pay phones, to trusting a voice in your head to guide you to your destination. Jerry grew up in Connecticut, was educated at Villanova University, where roundball is king, and is centrally located in the football-mad city of Columbus, Ohio. What hasn’t changed is customer service. For proof, you can contact Jerry or his wonderful assistant Amy Fortson, who works from Perfection’s manufacturing facility in Alabama.

Watersville, Ohio
Live Music, Sports
Favorite Movies:
The Godfather (I & II)
TV Shows:
The Simpsons, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad
The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn, On the Road
(908) 276-2202

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