Employee Spotlight: Amy Fortson

Employee Spotlight: Amy Fortson, Northeastern Sales Manager

Amy Fortson

With over 13 years of experience, professional-driven customer service, and innovative problem solving, Amy Fortson’s promotion to Sales Manager came with no surprise. While collaborating with teams across the company, she contributed her strengths not only in sales, but also in marketing, operations, and quality control. Amy’s product knowledge and personal growth made her a prime candidate for the Northeastern Sales Manager position, as she is a true, natural sales leader at heart.

“It is always a good feeling when you see a team member grow and excel in their career. Amy’s effort, persistence, competitiveness, and willingness to learn led her to continued growth within our company.” 

Keith Burgess, Vice President

Amy was born and raised in Mississippi, and her true southern charm is detected within moments of speaking to her. She graduated from Jacksonville State University, where she studied Criminal Justice and Behavioral Psychology. She quickly found her way back to what she knows best – sales and customer service.

Amy has a passion for children, is a mother to one son and two fur babies, and devotes her free time to advocating in the field of special needs.


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